Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Bleacher Report wwe

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers

It was a night of happiness and sorrow. Raw and Smackdown live battle for the blue brand supremacy. Eventually Raw emerged victoriously. During that night only one championship was defended at the kickoff event. Of importance was the survivor series which is thrilling and up for grabs event each year where former and present world champions take part in the major events eliminating tag team match.AJ styles playing Brock Lesner stole the eyes of fans because of their outstanding performance on bleacher report wwe.

That night was composed of real fun where the women had a mind catching a night with Asuka. Surviving against Team SmackDown and Charlotte Flair. Overpowering Alexa Bliss on bleacher report wwe. Tag Team wrestling was screened with Shield. The NewDay smacking it up in the opening time and Uso, Sheamus and Casero fighting over a classic. The survivor series being an average event from an In Ring perspective it has set a stage for an upcoming Wrestle Mania period.

The Shield is back in a unique formation

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Roman Reigns long suffering from illness for close to one month deprived WWE fans an opportunity to watch the long-awaited Shield reunion at TLC2017 on bleacher report wwe.good lack Romans Reigns returned for survivor series 2017 where Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Romans took on The New Day for the first time ever. New Day has had their event expectation in their played matches.

The bleacher report wwe But Shield shined at the survivor series and carried up Raw’s first win of the night. The Shield in their three are destructive and the Trio are unstoppable even with the New Day their momentum is hot. Romans Reigns is set to capture the International Championship on the next night’s Raw. And with Ambrose and Rollins are equally set to recapture the Raw Tag Team Championship.

 Asuka in WWE Main Roster

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

          Asuka is destined to scale into greatness, she arrived in style on Raw by beating Emma in Back to back matches in late October. This made her a shoe-in for Team Red at the survivor series Asuka has ever since outsmarted and dominated effectively in her team. She eliminated Carmella, Tamina, and Natalya bleacher report wwe who are the best talent in blue brand finest talent. Asuka dominated in NXT Women Champion for all 523 days. for two years she has remained unbeaten in singles competitions. With brilliant performance in the survivor series, she is in a better position to become a major star in the future. The damage she caused at survival series implies that she will shine in The Empress of Tomorrow on Raw.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Kalisto playing Enzo Amore

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Enzo Amore was frustrated and angered when his face was shoved into Kalisto’s birthday cake on 205 live. He jumped into Kalisto as the bell rung. Kalisto answered back with a sunset flip bomb with a two count. Enzo regained control and outmatched his opponent stomping, punching, and head locking. Bleacher report wwe Moonsault that Kalisto applied assisted him to mount a comeback, head scissors and a big kick to the face followed by a face plant double hurricanrana Amore cut the onslaught and eventually he retained his title moments afterward.Why wrestlers too much Healthy and fit that’s question.

 The Future of Tag Team in WWE

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Tag team wrestling has been dominating in WWE in 2017 than ever in several years. This is attributed to the merging in of The Usos, Sheamus, and Casero. The Hardy Boyz the New Day has been playing brilliantly. The Usos have been beating everyone in the recent on the blue side bleacher report wwe. On another hand Sheamus and Casero taking wrestling by storm throughout the year. The survivor series has been fantastic from start to finish with the Usos. Securing a clean sheet of victory. The thrilling fun in the survivor series is a quick reminder that the future of the Tag team wrestling in WWE is in good hands.

Richest Celebrity Tom Hanks net worth family biography

Richest Celebrity Tom Hanks net worth family biography

Tom Hanks biography

Tom Hanks An American actor and filmmaker were born in Concord, California. His father Janet Marylyn, a hospital worker and his mother, Amos Mefford Hand, a traveler cook. His father had an English heritage while her mother belongs to Portuguese family. Hanks’ parents divorced in 1960, Hanks was 5years old at that time. Hanks grew up along with his older brother and sister. The family finally settled in California, where Hanks attended high school.Due to his Good health, he looks smart and handsome.

After completing his graduation, Hanks studied theatre at Chabot College in Hayward, California and after two years transferred into the theater program at California State University in Sacramento.Tom Hanks acted in many productions of Shakespeare’s play at a theatre company in Sacramento. In 1978 he won his first best actor award for his performance as Proteus in Shakespeare’s The Two Gentleman Of Verona.

Tom Hanks New York Moving

Hanks moved to New York City, where he made his first low budget debut film ‘He Knows You’re Alone’. After that Hanks appear as a guest role in various episodes of popular shows like ‘Happy Days’, ‘Taxi’, ‘The Love Boat’, and ‘Family Ties’. Hanks acted in a lead role in Howard’s Splash. The movie became super hit and Hanks became the famous recognizable face.

Films Career

Richest Celebrity Tom Hanks net worth family biography

In 1988 he was finally cast in a star-making role in the film ‘Big’. The film was the big hit and he earned his first Academy Award nomination for best actor. He worked in several films in which he also gives hit films like Sleepless in Seattle, Forest Gump, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, a World War 2 drama, You’ve Got Mail. Tom Hanks raised to the top of the box office. He also dubbed the voice of woody in an animated film ‘Toy Story’.

In 1990 Hanks was ranked as the most powerful and well-respected actor in Hollywood. Hanks was appreciated with the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the youngest actor to receive that honor. In 2002 hanks started producing films ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ was a surprise hit. Further on he produced ‘Magnificent Desolation’, Evan Almighty’ and ‘Lady Killers’. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama for his contribution to art in November 2016. He married actress Rita Wilson in 1988 and he has two children Chester and Truman.


Richest Celebrity Tom Hanks net worth family biography

Tom Hanks an American actor. Everyone loves him. He is an ideal for many people. In North America, tom hanks is the third highest ranked grossing actor. His net worth is calculated at $350 million. He received a breakthrough with the romantic comedy film ‘Splash’ the film was a big hit, according to reports the film had earned approximately $70.000.The famous actress Natalie Portman career is similar to tom hanks.

After that Marshall’s comedy film ‘Big’ grossed more than $8.2 million in one week. It’s ended at $150 million. After that, his next big break came through the film ‘Forest Gump’. Forest Gump had a worldwide gross of $677.9 million. Hanks is paid $70 million for this film.

Hollywood House worth

He made this fortune with a big hit of films ‘Game Change’ and ‘Apollo 13’. His Hollywood house is around $8 million. The tom hanks cars, boats, and other vehicles are manufactured by Toyota ($35.000). In 2012, he released an Android and IOS role-playing game called Electricity.

Hanks has also teamed up with several brand companies He also has his own several restaurants in Washington, his own line of clothing, as well as a top-selling brand of perfumes. The tom hanks have also been involved in two dozen charities, including the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, Lifeline Energy, Bids To Beats Aids and much more.

Ryan Reynolds acting career Biography

Ryan Reynolds acting career Biography

Ryan Reynolds Birth

The Ryan Reynolds, a multi-talented actor, and a Canadian actor was born on October 23, 1976, Vancouver, British Columbia. His father, James Chester was a food wholesaler and his mother, Tammy was a retail salesperson. Ryan Reynolds is the youngest of four brothers. He graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver in 1994.
Reynolds’ career began in 1991 at the age of twelve when he represented himself as Billy Simpson in the Canadian teen soap opera Hillside, on the Nickelodeon show Fifteen, after that he Co-starred with Melissa John Hart in the TV movie Sabrina The Teenage Witch. He works in several Canadian TV sitcoms and played small roles in TV, but due to lack of success he decided to quit acting and returned back to Vancouver.

One of his friend Vancouver actor Chris Martin motivated him and they both decided to go to LA. After he moved to LA, he appeared in various films like ‘Coming Soon’, and ‘Finder’s Fee’. In 1998, he was cast in the lead role of Michael “Berg” Bergen series Two Guy and a Girl’. After that in 2002, he played the main role of Van Wilder in the comedy film. He also appeared in Canadian film ‘Foolproof’ in 2003.

In his Role Blade Trinity Movie

His breakthrough role was as a Hannibal King in the movie Blade Trinity. It was his first superhero role and his first association with Marvel Comics. He also played the serious role in films like ‘Smoken’, ‘Aces’ and also won the Choice Movie Scary Scene award for ‘The Amityville Horror. In 2009 he represented the role of Wade Wilson in the movie X men Wolverine, his another role with Marvel Comics.

He worked hard for this role. He also played Hal Jordon or Green Lantern in the DC film ‘Green Lantern’. Ryan Reynolds also won the People Choice Award for the Favorite Movie Superhero and Action Star for the film ‘Green Lantern’.Natalie Portman acting career is also amazing.
After appearing as various roles in films like ‘The Change-up’, Safe House’, and leading as the main role in films like ‘The Proposal’, ‘Paperman’, and ‘Buried’. He also voiced characters in animated movies Turbo and the Crowd. Other than these he also was a part of films like ‘Criminal’ and ‘Women in gold’. He also has starred in a music video as himself and has been a part of a web series.

Deadpool Film

Ryan Reynolds acting career Biography

His major breakthrough happened with Deadpool in 2016. He acted and produced the film. Deadpool several box-office records, including a worldwide opening of $264.9 million from 62 markets, which is the biggest of 2016. Deadpool was a major success in his career. He also won the favorite movie actor for Deadpool, and he was also declared as The Entertainer Of The Year 2006. Ryan Reynolds will also be seen in future films like ‘Life’, ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ and ‘Deadpool 2’. Reynolds also awarded as a People Sexiest Man Alive in 2010.

Ryan Reynolds Engagement

The relationship life of Ryan Reynolds had faced many ups and downs. His first date was Canadian singer Alanis Morissette. They announced their engagement in June 2004 but after 3 years they end their engagement. Soon after the end of this relationship in 2007, Reynolds began dating American actress Scarlett Johansson. The couple married on September 27, 2008. Soon this relationship also ended on December 14, 2010.

Reynolds first met his Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively and found his love again. The couple married on September 9, 2012. They have two daughters James and Ines.


Ryan Reynolds acting career Biography

The handsome comic actor Ryan Reynolds net worth is calculated approximately $65 million. Ryan Reynolds has become overnight millionaire superstar after the huge success of Deadpool. Deadpool crosses $500 million at the global box office in less than two weeks. Ryan is very healthy and Smart Actor Best Factors about his health Because of his strong performance in Deadpool, Reynolds’ career has gone to another level.

WWE Raw 27th November 2017 Monday Night Full Show Video

Welcome to Monday Night Raw everyone.Wwe intercontinental champion Roman Reign theme song start and he came to ring.He started calling out his previous victories like he got shield back and On previous Monday night raw he defeated Miz and became Intercontinental champion.He was very happy.The Miztourage members Bodalas and Curtis Axel interrupted roman.
And start amusing roman on behalf of Miz championship match which wwe formal intercontinental champion mic loss.After they introduce Alias he will win they asked.On that Roman ask you got it.After this match started between

WWE Monday Night Raw 27 November 2017 Matches

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

First of Seth theme song knocked and he came to ring and then Cesaro Came to the ring.The bell ring and the match started.Cesaro wants to kick Seth but wwe Superstar Seth plunged his arm but Cesaro kicked him in corner of ring.Then he kicked again and give him a neck breaker countdown started referee but Seth did not give up.
After huge come back Seth Rollins kicked Cesaro with his knee on Cesaro’s face and he lay down
The referee started a countdown and Seth wins the match pinfool.
After winning Seth was happy he announced about his shield that we are the champion of all time believe that and Dean isn’t due to he is on honeymoon.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Titus O Neil vs Samoa Joe

wwe monday night raw

Titus and Apollo crews were in the ring.Samoa Joe theme song knocked he came in a ring with dangerous eyes on Titus.Both players were in the ring and a bell rang match started.
Titus does not want to waste quickly want to kick Samoa Joe but failed smog hit a side and then Titus hit him a corner.Titus started biting Samoa Joe with punches quickly soma Joe coquina Clutch clunch but Titus hit him in a corner.At last Titus failed and Samoa Joe grabbed him in coquina clutch.
Then Titus gives up.

Appollo crews cam in the ring to save Titus but crews also got coquina clutch.

Winner of this match:  Samoa Joe

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt cam in the ring with his lamp in no lights then he started making jokes on raw roasters you are all dead.I am only best.Matt Hardy came in ring bell ring and the match started.
Bray Wyatt crushes the Hardy.Matt Hardy failed to hit any punch he pushed bray with side effects and also give a neck breaker.Once he wants to kick with his elbow but Braywayt move around and Hardy got another shock.
After all bray what hit him in a corner and pushed sister ever again.
Man Hardy loss match pinfool.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


Championship Match

WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns vs Alias

Alias arrive in the ring and started the song with his bad voice which people do not like.but the Miztoruge was also singing with him. He expecting the people to join his song but the audience does not like him.Then wwe intercontinental champion Roman Reigns song Ring and he arrived in the ring.
Then to the announcer announced the championship match both members. The bell ring and match started.
Roman Reign shoulder attack on an alias and he lay down.Roman got punches and shoulder first, the close line from an alias.BUt did not give up.

Alias clutched roman neck then roman hit in the corner and give alias a close line.Bodalas was interrupting he got punches from roman. After all, alias got superman punch and a huge spear by roman.Roman defend his championship. Roman was just looking back at the ring Alias just behind Samoa Joe attacked with his dangerous coquina clutch.

Winner: Roman Reign


WWE Superstar Kane vs Finn Balor/Jason

Jason Jorden called out the Red Machine wwe Superstar Kane that he good due to HHH attack on him. Kane arrives in a ring and beat the Jorden. The match was not yet completed. The Demon Finn Balor theme song Ring he arrived ring and match started between Kane and Finn Balor.After the commercial welcome back to wwe Monday night raw 27 November 2017.

In starting Finn hit punches on Kane and Kane knock him outside the rib as Kane was coming outside Finn Balor quickly hit him superkicks. Finn Balor failed to hit more Kane pick a steel chair and hit Finn Balor.
Suddenly a big monster Braun Strownman arrive in the ring to take revenge from Kane.
He hit Kane with steel chairs right on his neck.On WWE Survivor Series 2017 Braun beat the Kane.

Quick Matches Results

WWE Monday Night Raw 27 November 2017

Seth Rollin vs Cesaro

Winner: Seth

Samoe Joe vs Titus

Winner: Samoa

Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Kane vs Finn Balor

Winner: Finn Balor

Akira Tozawa vs Noam vs Arya vs  Rich Swann

   Winner: Rich Swann

Kane vs Jorden

 Winner: Kane

Braun Strow man Destroyed Kane



Natalie Portman Education Background

Natalie Portman Education Background

Natalie Portman Historical Life

Natalie Portman here we are going to talk about childhood. She was born in 1981 in the country Israel. Actress up at the long island, New York, and began her journey on modellioi at the age of 11. Her film was so professional in 1994. While pursuing her career, Natalie Portman acquired a degree in psychology from Harvard University. She also won the 2010 best actress.

Oscar of a troubled ballerina in black swan. Her second golden globe award the sag award the BAFTA award and the BFCA award in 2011. Portman became the first youngest member of 61st annual Cannas Film “Festival Jury”. Also in the same year, she was directed and got a huge popularity from the film

“I love you” In May 2008 she these huge achievements of her life. Her first feature film as a director title tales of love and darkness was released in 2005.

Education of Natalie Portman

In the article gathered Natalie Portman was living in Washington d.c the area she attended Charles e.smith Jewish school in Rockville Maryland. She also adopted the speaking of Hebrew while living in long island she attends a Jewish elementary school named Solomon Schechter day school of the assay county in Jericho new york and graduated from Syosset high school in Syosset long island 1999 and studied ballet and modern dance at the American theatre dance workshop in new Paris new york.

Natalie Portman

In 2003 Natalie Portman, Harvard University with the bachelor of arts (B.A) degree in psychology while attending Harvard she was a resident member of the Lowell house and was responsible for the letter which was written to the Harvard. Crimson in response to an essay critical actions of the Israelites towards the Palestinians.

Portman returned to Israel and partake in graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2004. Also in March 2006, it was recorded that she was a guest lecturer at Columbia University course in terrorism where she spoke about her film v for vendetta.

Social and Political Life:

When Portman was eight years old she becomes a vegetarian she is the advocate for animal right when she witnessed
laser surgical operation on a chicken while attending a medical conference with her father. She became a vegan in the year 2009 after the reading of a book title “eating animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer’s then she later produces a documentary on factory farming system in the U.S by the same title.

Natalie Portman Education Background

Natalie Portman traveled to Rwanda in 2007, for the documentary of “Gorillas on the Brink”. Later at a naming ceremony portman named a baby gorilla gunking. Which means “to play”. Portman is a supporter of the democratic party and in the 2004 presidential race.

She campaigned for the Democratic nominee Senator John Kerry. Also, in the 2008 presidential election portman supported Senator Hillary Clinton of new york in the Democratic primaries. Later campaigned for Senator Barack Obama of Illinois during the general election, with above information she nice.

Best Football Players of all Time


This is a list of male football players who are most influential in their particular era. This article tries to show the most outstanding male football players to ever play football across decades and continents as ranked by Federation International Football Association (FIFA). The ranking assists in knowing the best football players of all time in the world. Talent, success longevity, fear, and individual brilliance are factors used in the ranking.

Best football player Pele

best football player of all time

He steered in Brazil three times winning in world cup back in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He is considered the greatest footballer making FIFA award him the best footballer in the 20th century. His ball skills remain admired up to today. Pele had an upright success in international career. His international success with his country Brazil and his ability to score important goals consistently has made him the greatest football player of all times.Pele famous in over the world so his name also comes in best football players of all time.

Best football player Lionel Messi

Best football player of all time

Messi has a direct impact on the success of Barcelona over the last decade and Barcelona are the most successful team in Europe having won the European Cup three times since Messi has been a regular fixture in the team.He joined Barcelona at the age of 13. Messi is all-time leading goal scorer of Spanish league; he has overtaken Ronaldo as the top goal scorer in champions’ league.Messi single-handedly guided his native country Argentina to world cup against Germany in2014 although they lost to Germany at extra time Messi ended up getting the Golden ball as the best player in the tournament. Messi has won 4 ballon dor awards and 4 champions league top scorer awards. He is the 4 time La Liga scorer and three times European golden boot.

Diego Maradona

best football player of all time

He is the greatest dribbler in football history. He guided his native country Argentina to 1986 world cup and scored two of the best goals in the history of football in that game. His international games he played in Barcelona and Napoli. At Barcelona, he won ‘’Copa Del Rey Trophy’’. Diego guided Napoli to Serie A titles in 1987 and 1990 and won trophies like Coppa Italia in 1987 and in 1989 still at Napoli they won UEFA Cup presently known as Europa League.Diego is best football players of all time in top list

Zinedine Zidane

Best football players of all time

best football player of all time

He rose to fame with his ability to control games in French football with Bordeaux in for years. He scored two beautiful headed goals in 198 world cup final against Brazil and won France their first ever world cup and won the golden ball as the best Player in the his first season with Juventus he won the Italian League title. Juventus reached the final stage of champion’s league twice.

He won UEFA Champions League title with Real Madrid and he scored a wonderful left-footed goal from the edge of the box in the final against Bayer Leverkusen. This goal is regarded as the greatest in champions’ league. His impact with national team France is felt when he guided France to 2006 World Cup final. Zinedine also comes in best football players of all time. 

Best football player Franz Beckenbauer

best football player of all time

He is the most talented player who revolutionized the football. He played at the center back but his ability to bring the ball out of defense to attacks a situation called Libero made him a successful player. His career became successful in his national team Germany and the club Bayern Munich. While at Bayern Munich they won back to back European titles in 1974 to 1976 and he innovated a new position called the ‘Sweeper’. Some of his goals were pure class. He was a visionary who got massive success as a couch with Bayern Munich and Germany. Franz also comes in best football players of all time. 

Christiano Ronaldo

best football players of all time

 The Ronaldo name comes in Best football players of all time due to his best records.He started his career at Sporting Lisbon in Portuguese as a forward who had a wide range of skills. He joined Manchester United in 2003 and showcased his talent with outrageous fast steps overs and other skills.

Where they won three back to back premier league titles and won 2008 champions league final against Chelsea. He moved to Real Madrid in  2009. Ronaldo won his second champions league with Real Madrid and also in 2012-2013 La Liga title with Real Madrid.


WWE Big Show Weight Loss latest news

WWE Big Show Weight Loss latest news

Big Show whose real name is Paul Donald Wight || is an American professional wrestler and actor and currently signed to WWE on the  RAW brand. Paul was born on February 8, 1972. He started his career, his career in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Where he was known by the ring name The Giant. Big Show is a seven-time world champion. He is only who have world titles like WCW, WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW.Big Show Weight Loss

Big Show Weight Loss

The Giant Big Show is not looking big anymore. The Big Show had transformed his body over the last year. The WWE Grand Slam Champion has decreased 70 pounds during the final stage of his career at the age of 45. The Big Show Weight Loss is a shocking news for everyone. Big Show weight loses by maintaining his training routine and by following his diet. He has been titled as ‘the world’s largest wrestler’ and his weight was around 400pounds since mid 90’s in his wrestling career. He believes that one’s cannot make a change without a  serious commitment. As in his own interview regarding Big Show Weight Loss, he told “ I wanted to make changes and given time and opportunity to make a change, so I took advantage of it”.

Big show Trainer

Big Show loss weight with the help of his trainer Dodd Romero, a trainer to several celebrities and professional wrestlers. Big Show loses weight by challenging his body with swimming, biking and strength training. He is focusing on high energy and high rep movements that keep his metabolism going. He changed his diet by quitting junk foods, ice cream, pizza, and meatballs.

He faces many difficulties in losing a weight and changing his lifestyle. In his interview with, he told that “I wasn’t feeling good at all. I was complaining and complaining. I had been a tremendous athlete, but it was a difficult time”. During Big Show weight loss his hips, knees and giant feet hurt constantly.In wwe history, Big show name comes in best wrestlers list.

Big show Body in Starting

At the start of weight loss, Big Show’s body didn’t look perfect. Fat takes place on different body parts like his upper shoulders, thigh, and butt. But as time passes, his body started to lose weight and the shape of muscle became visible. His abs also started to emerge which bring out positive reactions from his fellow wrestlers including John Cena.

John Cena gave a motivation to the Big Show to loss weight. Big show said in his interview, “We were talking about getting in shape and I said, “Ah, what the hell giant is gonna do with the abs?” And John looked at me with a straight face and said, “Yeah. A giant with abs”. That wouldn’t be marketable at all’ and he walked away. That line strikes my mind, but after achieving my goal John reached out and congratulated me on the work I’ve done. That means a lot, to have that respect for him was a big boost”

For the Big Show, weight loss experience has been more mental than physical. Even being a successful wrestler and being on the top of his success, he still understands that his body needs a progress. “Will I end up ever looking like John Cena or the Rock or  Triple H? No. But I can take the assets that I have and try to accentuate them”.

 Big Show weight loss is going to earn him another title ” the giant with a six-pack”.The Big Show Weight loss has one message for those who think weight loss is impossible. ” There is nothing that anyone can stop you from doing if you really want”. 

Read more: How to become Healthy

Bangladesh Cricket Team Records Wiki

Bangladesh cricket team

The Bangladesh cricket team nicknamed ‘The Tigers.’ This team is an internationally known and administered by Bangladesh cricket board. The team is a member of the international cricket team with one-day international status. Also in test matches. It became the tenth test-playing nation in November 2000.

Bangladesh Cricket Team

When it played its first match with against India in the nation of Dhaka. The team played its first ODI match in the Asia Cup.Where they played against Pakistan. Its first officials foray into the international cricket came to England in the 1979 ICC Trophy.  Cricket gained it fame in Bangladesh gradually taking the place of football that used to be very famous. It supposed football in the 1990s.

World Cup Qualifying

It qualified to participate in the world cup. Then they get a place in England in 1999 after winning ICC Trophy in Malaysia in 1997. The team caused much upset in the world cup. After defeating Pakistan and Scotland. Bangladesh cricket team was granted full membership of ICC on 26 June 2000.

Bangladesh people are referred to as the most passionate cricket fan in the entire cricket world. Whenever they win.The fans take a celebration to the streets.  As much as they are jubilant in victory, they are also vocal. In 2003, the team lost to England and the then captain Khalid Mahmud booed out of the field.

Bangladesh cricket team Ranking

The team is currently ranked 8th in Tests, tenth in T20ls by ICC and seventh in ODIs. Up to 24 may 2017.The team had played 101 Tests and so far winning ten of them. The first victory was that against Zimbabwe. And the next two victory came against West Indian team.They then improved predominantly at home. When they earned draws against Pakistan, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

They won against Australia, Sri Lanka, and England. Bangladesh cricket team has been very successful.Mostly in ODIs having won 104 matches out of 328. The team has won 21 matches in Twenty20 internationals out of 67.The Bangladesh cricket team victories are awesome.

This team posted its first against Kenya in India.October 1998, they hosted the ICC champion Trophy by then ICC knock out trophy but did not participate. Eddie Barlow, the former South Africa Test Cricketer became the Bangladesh coach in 1999. They were preparing to become a Test-playing nation.

They established their first class competition in 1999-2000 but were not given first match status until the 2000-2001 season. The team lost two Tests and three ODIs at home in January 2002 against Pakistan.Pakistan defeated tigers badly in 2002. The Bangladesh cricket team got huge success against India and Pakistan.

South Africa Hosted Wolrd-cup

Bangladesh Cricket Team participated in 2003-world cup hosted in South Africa. Bangladesh lost five of their six matches including a fixture against Canada. They did not play international cricket from 1979 world cup. In the same year, the team made a history by being the tenth team to lose by a single wicket when they lost to Pakistan.

Bangladesh cricket team

World cup India In 2007  hosted India. Bangladesh secured a five-wicket win against India triggering late night partying in Bangladesh. Even the government had banned public gathering. Jamie Siddons was appointed the coach in October 2007. Bangladesh Cricket Team was one of the rising team.

Taking the place of Shaun Williams coached the team up to 2011. Jamie was then replaced by Stuart Law. Who became a coach from 2011-2012. Richard Pybus also replaced him. Shane Jorgensen then took over in 2012-2014.And left it to Chandika Hathurusingha.

                                         Coaching staff of Bangladesh Cricket Team

  • Assistant Coach:   Ruwan Kalpage
  • Batting Coach: Vacant
  • Fast Bowling Coach:   Courtney Walsh
  • Fielding Coach:   Richard Halsall
  • Head Coach: Vacant
  • Media Manager:  Rabeed Imam
  • Performance Analyst:   Nasir Ahmed
  • Spin Bowling Coach:   Sunil Joshi
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Mario Villavarayan
  • Team Manager:   Khaled Mahmud
  •   Debasish Roy Chowdhury: Team Physician
  • Bayejidul Islam Khan:  Team Physiotherapist
  • Team Psychologist:  Soumendra Saha

List of Team Players Bangladesh Cricket Team

Tamim Iqbal Tanbir Hayder Taskin Ahmed
Subashis Roy Sunzamul Islam Taijul Islam
Shakib Al Hasan Shuvagata Hom Soumya Sarkar
Sabbir Rahman Saqlain Sajib Shafiul Islam
Nazmul Hossain Shanto Nurul Hasan Rubel Hossain
Mushfiqur Rahim Mustafizur Rahman Nasir Hossain
Mominul Haque Mosaddek Hossain Mosharraf Hossain
Mehidy Hasan Miraz Mohammad Mithun Mohammad Saifuddin
Liton Das Mahmudullah Mashrafe Mortaza
Al-Amin Hossain


Imrul Kayes Kamrul Islam Rabbi

According to Saber Hossain Chowdhury.Bangladesh politician (2011),“ in Bangladesh, Cricket is not just a game but rather a symbol of national unity.”And AHM Mostofa Kamal, the president of BCB in the same year said that Bangladesh people take cricket as a   religion.”And They love their Bangladesh cricket team very much.


wwe network channel history Biography

WWE network channel history

Today, I will give you a quick overview of the wwe.WWE is world wrestling Entertainment.The World Wrestling  Entertainment is the famous and biggest entertainment company in America. The wwe is private entertainment company getting success about 38 years which was started through the Professional Wrestling Promotion founded by Jess McMahon and Toot Mondt in 1952.

Later on became The WWE and was founded by Vince Mcmahon son of Jess McMahon.This company holds 500 events per year.Which are massive and continuing huge matches attracting his Millions of viewers from 150 countries USA,UK,FRANCE,GERMANY,ITALY,PAKISTAN,INDIA,BANGLADESH,Saudi Arabia,Hong Kong,Japan,New Zealand,Iran,Afghanistan,Austrailia,South Africa,UAE,Irland,Canada,West Indies,Norway,Sweden,Austria,Romania,Macao,Hungry etc

WWE headquarters in the United States, Stamford, Connecticut

wwe network channel history Biography

Now, a day its name comes in biggest progressing companies.WWE is generating a huge revenue from different resources like from videos, games, film music and other products like wrestlers shirts.

About the WWE founder?

The founder of wwe is Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon.who is Vince McMahon?

wwe network channel history Biography

Vince Mcmahon is the son of Jess McMahon.Vince was born on 24 August 1945 in Pine Hurst, North Carolina, US.His school career went Fish Burne Military School, Waynesboro, Virginia, US.

In this school, Vince completed his basic studies then went to college  East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.Vince was very fond of wrestling.His favorite wrestler in the ring was The Undertaker Vince is the film producer, actor, announcer and a well known professional wrestler.CEO of The WWE.He started his career with the help of his father because his father was a good actor and wrestler.So he gets starting training from his dad McMahon.

WWE Wrestling Career 

Vince started his wrestling career in the wwe as a commentator in 1993.About 3-4 years remain a commentator and enjoyed commenting on many wrestlers.Many of the wrestlers got angry at him due to his jokes passing on them in their matches.wwe superstars who kicked the Vince McMahon badly John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane, Rock, Stonecold Steve Austin, Big show, Demon Kane who beat the commentators.

In 1995 John vs The Undertaker world heavyweight championship match Vince McMahon was the commentator and supporting to The Undertaker.Asking John Cena cheater john left the ring get him and hit the Vince McMahon with steel chairs and start bleeding of Vince.In commentary history, Vince got more hits from wrestler than other commentators.wwe network channel history

In 1996 Vince McMahon took steps in the ring as a wrestler with Ring name “Mr.McMahon”.In starting Vince was exciting to become a wrestler but he got many shock slams from all wrestlers and was beaten many times.Most of the matches he lost from Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, John Cena.Vince was not good due to his bad decisions.Vince was against the John Cena but John Cena do not like this.The character of Vince was not soo good because he has done many sexually moments and dances in Ring.

Donald Trump’s signed

In Dec 2013 Mr.McMahon and Donald Trump’s signed on Battle Billionaires Contract.This match was on shaving head of loser if Boby loss the match then Trump head will be shaved and if lose Omega then Vince head will be shaved.The Representation of Mr.Mcmahon was wwe superstar Omega.On the other side, The Donald Trump came into the ring and called out his Representation Boby Lashly.Omega lost the match against Boby with the help of Steve.

wwe network channel history Biography

Due to losing the match of Omega Vince head was shaved by Steve Boby. Trump in the Ring which was the historical event. Mr.Mcmahon got blood in the ring from Steve Austin. In 1997 he opened the dispute with Stonecold Steve Austin. In 2009 Feud with Randy Orton and Bret Hart 2009-2010

Vince became wwe Authority in 2015. Now take a look at Vince Family one son Shane McMahon and Daughter Stephenie McMahon Wife Linda. wwe network channel history

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was also a professional wrestler and became the authority of the wwe smackdown. He has a good personality and became more famous than his father. Most of the fans like him very much because of his good decisions. So the wwe fans like him very much.

Stephane McMahon and Her husband Hold the Authority of wwe Raw. Stephane is not too good for his father and also fans of wwe do not like her. Due to her harsh and bad manners in the ring.


Now take a look at Linda McMahon

wwe network channel history
wwe Linda

WWE Linda McMahon.

Linda was born 4 Oct 1948 New Bern, North Carolina, United States.Linda Married with Mr. McmahonHeight is about  1.67 m. She is now Administrator of the  Business Administration from 2017. Linda has only two          Children: Stephanie and Shane
She belongs to the not too rich family her Parents Henry Edwards.  Mother Evelyn Edwards she is the famous politician in America. She gets started with the wwe in (1997-2009).wwe network channel history.

WWE Survivor Series Annual match 2017


wwe survivor series annual match 2017

wwe survivor series annual match 2017 is coming soon with a huge match only in few weeks we are far from survivor series 2017. What a clash Roman Braun Strow Strowman will be back and join shield I love shield,
But the bad news is that there is no match between two superstars.
Now take the tour when survivor series is and where take place?like these huge matches we wait for weeks to see wwe smackdown superstars and Raw superstars to gather.

Survivor Series difference with other Matches

So the survivor series is different than other matches. Why survivor series is different than other matches?? is the biggest question. The answer is in survivor series most of the matches are between the champions Raw champions vs smackdown champions. So the survivor series is mostly liked and also we can observe that which is best Raw or Smackdown champions.
Survivor Series will take place on Sunday, November 19,217 at Toyota Center, Texas.

 wwe survivor series annual match 2017

1. Champion vs Champion match (Universal champion Brock Lesnar vs wwe champion Jindar Mahal
2. Raw Tag team champions Seth Rollins & dean ambrose vs Smackdown champions USOS
3. Smackdown women’s champion Nataly vs Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss
4. United States champion Baron Corbin vs Raw Intercontinental champion Miz
5. Survivor series traditional Elimination match Women’s 5-on-5

1. Champion vs Champion match (Universal champion Brock Lesnar vs wwe champion Jindar Mahal

wwe survivor series annual match 2017

In Survivor series biggest and interesting match brock vs Jinder Mahal. Who will win??Absolutely brock will push the Jinder in few minutes. Jinder will lay down.wwe champion Jinder will get many German Suplex from the beast
How Jinder became wwe champion due to many cheatings.

Due to his guards Bollywood boyz, Singh brothers took him to the championship.On wwe champion Jinder Mahal was giving the challenge to the Brock Lesnar on we smack down Tuesday night Oct 24, 2017, but Jinder was afraid of the beast.

Jinder became the first time wwe champion

The Beast and the Maharaja will clash on Sunday in survivor series
In Punjabi Prison match 2017 Randy was at the winning point but the Great Khali appears in the match and hit the Randy Orton. Jinder wins the match due to Great Khali.
In Hell in a Sell Jinder vs Shinsuke championship Match 2017, Jinder Mahal retained his championship with the help of Singh Brothers.
Shinsuke Nakamura loss this match due to the attack of Singh brothers.
On the other hand, if we take look at Brock championship matches,
At Great Balls of Fire 2017 Samoa, Joe vs Brock lessor brock beat Samoa Joe and get his title back.

Somoa vs Brock

In starting Somoa joe attack on a beast with his knees but he failed.The beast put him in the corner and deliver a huge smashing knees. And the end Beast deliver many German suplexes to some joe and win the title.
In wwe Monday night raw Fatal-4 match held Brock, Braun, Somoa, and Roman.
In this match brock, Lesnar also wins and get his Universal title back.
Paul Hyman always asks about the brock is animal cruelty and asks about the roman reign is barking dog in locker room
The big dog is not able to beat Brock.

2. Raw Tag team champions Seth Rollins & dean ambrose vs Smackdown champions Usos

wwe survivor series annual match 2017


Now take look at Tag team champions which team is better the raw Seth & Dean or the smackdown Usos Jimmy & Jey.
Both the teams are strong because in the TLC 2017 5-on-3 handicap match Seth, Dean, Kurt able take place of Roman reign win the Corbin against the Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Kane and Braun Strowman.
TLC match was very exclusive and Seth dean gets many chairs from the miz team.
But at the end, Kurt Angle came back in the ring and get back their match.
Seth and Dean are five times Tag team champions.
Roman was not in this match due to his health problem.
On the other hand, Smackdown tag team champions get a huge win in Hell in Cell match against The New day who have the record of a long time tag team championship.

3. Smackdown women’s champion Nataly vs Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss

WWE Survivor Series Annual match 2017

Both of raw and smackdown women champions people because both of making cheats during the match and became champion.But if we look at past few weeks both have good performances.
In survivor series, all the matches are at competition
Raw champion Alixa looks like the small kid but very intelligent defeated the big boss in Hell in a cell match.Defeated Belly on wwe Monday night Raw.

not mostly liked by the wwe survivor series annual match 2017 whilst, for the primary time ever, the raw ladies’ Champion and SmackDown ladies’ Champion collide, as crew purple’s Alexa Bliss squares off towards team Blue’s Natalya in a struggle for brand supremacy. to cite Stephanie McMahon’s theme track, “Welcome to the Queendom.”

WWe Survivor Series Bliss and Natalya

In lieu of WWE Survivor collection being the night time brand supremacy is determined, Bliss and Natalya will face off in a contest to peer which emblem’s ladies’ department is high-quality. The “goddess” of WWE and Queen of Black Harts squared off for the duration of Little miss Bliss’ time on SmackDown stay, but Bliss has ascended to a completely new degree of self-belief and talent due to the fact moving over to uncooked in advance this 12 months.

Will Alexa’s will beat Natalya at survivor series to retain with a victory to smack down Or, will Natalya will beat Alexa for Raw.
Now, wait for in wwe survivor series annual match 2017 is coming soon with a huge match only in few weeks we are far from survivor series 2017.
What a clash Roman Braun Strow Strowman will be back and join shield I love shield, who is best women’s champion

4. United States champion Baron Corbin vs Raw Intercontinental champion Miz

WWE Survivor Series Annual match 2017

The worst match in survivor series. The miz always afraid of wrestlers and gets win on many times with the help his wife.
If miz is caught then Baron will not give him match easily.
Baron Corbin is also dangerous in smackdown superstars many times. He ruined the Kalisto Aj style in Hell in a Match and became second time US champion.

Intercontinental Champion

The Miz conflicts with US Champion Baron Corbin at wwe survivor series annual match 2017 arrangement. Miz is not the good wrestler baron.
Baron Corbin will ruin the Miz quickly if he does not run away Corbin has conflicted with SmackDown with Shane McMahon and Daniel. Bryan on various events due to The Miz misbehaves making jokes.

In WWE TLC 2017, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs in a hellacious 5-on-3 Handicap.In the whole match, Miz was afraid and runs if some wrestler wants to fight with that Seth & dean hit with the chairs at the end moments of the match. Miz tried to run away but was caught by tag team partners.
So, Now we are waiting for the stupid match Intercontinental champion Miz vs US champion Baron Corbin

wwe survivor series annual match 2017 traditional

Elimination match Women’s 5-on-5

The Group of wwe SmackDown is set up to move to WWE Survivor Series Annual match 2017 to compete with the raw women. The smackdown women’s are ready to beat the raw women’s 5-on-5 ordinary.
On wwe Monday night raw Oct 23, 2017.Shane Mich man attacked the raw with his smackdown superstars men and Women.The smackdown superstars attacked wildly on the raw superstars They beat to the Dean Ambrose & Seth, Apollo they ruined all the raw youngsters who came in their way. The Manager of Smackdown Daniel Bryan-chose Group of Charlotte energy, Naomi, Carmella, and Tamina for survivor series match

5-on-5 Women’s Match

The smackdown women are ready to attack and finish the raw women’s.
Champion Natalya set for about with crude young ladies’ Champion Alexa Bliss on the fall traditional smashed the destructive five-way challenge.SmackDown women’s Champion Naomi and the money in the bank Carmella do not show any interest in the survivor series matches like the other women.
What we are waiting which women’s team will get success.Raw or the Smackdown.
Smackdown team looks strong and Backy lynch is leading to this
The Raw team leader is Alicia Fox.
Who will win?