Best Football Players of all Time


This is a list of male football players who are most influential in their particular era. This article tries to show the most outstanding male football players to ever play football across decades and continents as ranked by Federation International Football Association (FIFA). The ranking assists in knowing the best football players of all time in the world. Talent, success longevity, fear, and individual brilliance are factors used in the ranking.

Best football player Pele

best football player of all time

He steered in Brazil three times winning in world cup back in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He is considered the greatest footballer making FIFA award him the best footballer in the 20th century. His ball skills remain admired up to today. Pele had an upright success in international career. His international success with his country Brazil and his ability to score important goals consistently has made him the greatest football player of all times.Pele famous in over the world so his name also comes in best football players of all time.

Best football player Lionel Messi

Best football player of all time

Messi has a direct impact on the success of Barcelona over the last decade and Barcelona are the most successful team in Europe having won the European Cup three times since Messi has been a regular fixture in the team.He joined Barcelona at the age of 13. Messi is all-time leading goal scorer of Spanish league; he has overtaken Ronaldo as the top goal scorer in champions’ league.Messi single-handedly guided his native country Argentina to world cup against Germany in2014 although they lost to Germany at extra time Messi ended up getting the Golden ball as the best player in the tournament. Messi has won 4 ballon dor awards and 4 champions league top scorer awards. He is the 4 time La Liga scorer and three times European golden boot.

Diego Maradona

best football player of all time

He is the greatest dribbler in football history. He guided his native country Argentina to 1986 world cup and scored two of the best goals in the history of football in that game. His international games he played in Barcelona and Napoli. At Barcelona, he won ‘’Copa Del Rey Trophy’’. Diego guided Napoli to Serie A titles in 1987 and 1990 and won trophies like Coppa Italia in 1987 and in 1989 still at Napoli they won UEFA Cup presently known as Europa League.Diego is best football players of all time in top list

Zinedine Zidane

Best football players of all time

best football player of all time

He rose to fame with his ability to control games in French football with Bordeaux in for years. He scored two beautiful headed goals in 198 world cup final against Brazil and won France their first ever world cup and won the golden ball as the best Player in the his first season with Juventus he won the Italian League title. Juventus reached the final stage of champion’s league twice.

He won UEFA Champions League title with Real Madrid and he scored a wonderful left-footed goal from the edge of the box in the final against Bayer Leverkusen. This goal is regarded as the greatest in champions’ league. His impact with national team France is felt when he guided France to 2006 World Cup final. Zinedine also comes in best football players of all time. 

Best football player Franz Beckenbauer

best football player of all time

He is the most talented player who revolutionized the football. He played at the center back but his ability to bring the ball out of defense to attacks a situation called Libero made him a successful player. His career became successful in his national team Germany and the club Bayern Munich. While at Bayern Munich they won back to back European titles in 1974 to 1976 and he innovated a new position called the ‘Sweeper’. Some of his goals were pure class. He was a visionary who got massive success as a couch with Bayern Munich and Germany. Franz also comes in best football players of all time. 

Christiano Ronaldo

best football players of all time

 The Ronaldo name comes in Best football players of all time due to his best records.He started his career at Sporting Lisbon in Portuguese as a forward who had a wide range of skills. He joined Manchester United in 2003 and showcased his talent with outrageous fast steps overs and other skills.

Where they won three back to back premier league titles and won 2008 champions league final against Chelsea. He moved to Real Madrid in  2009. Ronaldo won his second champions league with Real Madrid and also in 2012-2013 La Liga title with Real Madrid.