Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Bleacher Report wwe

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers

It was a night of happiness and sorrow. Raw and Smackdown live battle for the blue brand supremacy. Eventually Raw emerged victoriously. During that night only one championship was defended at the kickoff event. Of importance was the survivor series which is thrilling and up for grabs event each year where former and present world champions take part in the major events eliminating tag team match.AJ styles playing Brock Lesner stole the eyes of fans because of their outstanding performance on bleacher report wwe.

That night was composed of real fun where the women had a mind catching a night with Asuka. Surviving against Team SmackDown and Charlotte Flair. Overpowering Alexa Bliss on bleacher report wwe. Tag Team wrestling was screened with Shield. The NewDay smacking it up in the opening time and Uso, Sheamus and Casero fighting over a classic. The survivor series being an average event from an In Ring perspective it has set a stage for an upcoming Wrestle Mania period.

The Shield is back in a unique formation

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Roman Reigns long suffering from illness for close to one month deprived WWE fans an opportunity to watch the long-awaited Shield reunion at TLC2017 on bleacher report wwe.good lack Romans Reigns returned for survivor series 2017 where Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Romans took on The New Day for the first time ever. New Day has had their event expectation in their played matches.

The bleacher report wwe But Shield shined at the survivor series and carried up Raw’s first win of the night. The Shield in their three are destructive and the Trio are unstoppable even with the New Day their momentum is hot. Romans Reigns is set to capture the International Championship on the next night’s Raw. And with Ambrose and Rollins are equally set to recapture the Raw Tag Team Championship.

 Asuka in WWE Main Roster

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

          Asuka is destined to scale into greatness, she arrived in style on Raw by beating Emma in Back to back matches in late October. This made her a shoe-in for Team Red at the survivor series Asuka has ever since outsmarted and dominated effectively in her team. She eliminated Carmella, Tamina, and Natalya bleacher report wwe who are the best talent in blue brand finest talent. Asuka dominated in NXT Women Champion for all 523 days. for two years she has remained unbeaten in singles competitions. With brilliant performance in the survivor series, she is in a better position to become a major star in the future. The damage she caused at survival series implies that she will shine in The Empress of Tomorrow on Raw.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Kalisto playing Enzo Amore

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Enzo Amore was frustrated and angered when his face was shoved into Kalisto’s birthday cake on 205 live. He jumped into Kalisto as the bell rung. Kalisto answered back with a sunset flip bomb with a two count. Enzo regained control and outmatched his opponent stomping, punching, and head locking. Bleacher report wwe Moonsault that Kalisto applied assisted him to mount a comeback, head scissors and a big kick to the face followed by a face plant double hurricanrana Amore cut the onslaught and eventually he retained his title moments afterward.Why wrestlers too much Healthy and fit that’s question.

 The Future of Tag Team in WWE

Bleacher Report wwe wrestlers latest updates News

Tag team wrestling has been dominating in WWE in 2017 than ever in several years. This is attributed to the merging in of The Usos, Sheamus, and Casero. The Hardy Boyz the New Day has been playing brilliantly. The Usos have been beating everyone in the recent on the blue side bleacher report wwe. On another hand Sheamus and Casero taking wrestling by storm throughout the year. The survivor series has been fantastic from start to finish with the Usos. Securing a clean sheet of victory. The thrilling fun in the survivor series is a quick reminder that the future of the Tag team wrestling in WWE is in good hands.