Top 5 Best Sports Cars 2018 high speedy

Overview of Best Sports Cars

In sporting industry, a car that bullies the other in racing competition is considered the best car and the term best as an adjective come with a price. Generally, best sports cars are highly priced and their speed muscles strike like thunder. Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 812 Super-fast Ferrari GTC4 Lusss and Spyker C8 are five best sporting cars in the current times.

Black Best Sports Cars Bugatti Chiron

Top 5 Best Sports Cars 2018 high speedy

This car is considered the most expensive sports car. It is worthy ranges almost between $2.7 million and $2.9 million at market price. The Chiron contains 1500 horse pipe power with 8 liters and 16 cylinder engine capacity. The car uses four turbochargers and 1180 lb. –ft. torque. When the tarmac eats the rubber the best sports car has a speed of 261 mph and a seven double clutch automatic power to all four wheels. The cabin is quieter and the chassis is communicative

Best Sports Cars Lamborghini Aventador

Top 5 Best Sports Cars 2018 high speedy

Lamborghini Aventador is madly expensive and extremely powerful on the has a capacity of 6.5 liters and the machine is capable of giving a speed of 217mph. the 740 Horse Pipe engine and automatic manual transmission of V-12 valve cylinder To acquire this machine you need to have $424845. The car is designed to have a shape of a jet fighter with a steering wheel made to fit as a sports car. These features make Lamborghini Aventador one of the best sports cars.

Top Expensive Best Sports Cars Ferrari 812 Super-fast

Top 5 Best Sports Cars 2018 high speedy

If you want to own a Ferrari 812 super-fast car. Then you need to dip your pocket and part out with $315,000 in the market. On the racing, environment be sure that the car will hit 211 mph. the engine capacity is 6.5 liters and horse pipe of 789. The Ferrari 812 super-fast model has seven-speed double automatic clutches. The shape which is sliced in nature enables it to cut through the air with limited velocity. This makes the car the third best sports car.

Automatic Best Sports Cars Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Top 5 Best Sports Cars 2018 high speedy

The engine capacity of a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is 6.3 liters and 680 Horse Pipe. The model has a seven double clutch which is automatic be sure to cover 62 mph when racing. The vehicle has its engine at the front and four-wheel drives with carrying capacity of four and two doors. Bank account holding $3million can comfortably buy you a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. Consider DOHC 48 valve V-12 direct injection. If you want to be in a racing competition and emerge the fourth sporting best car.

Top Best Sports Cars Spyker C8

Top 5 Best Sports Cars 2018 high speedy

Spyker C8 is one of the most luxurious and spacious surrounding sports cars. The engine capacity of 4.2 liters is sure to engage the gears of this machine at 187 mph.  The car has on the inside minimized the use of plastic with leather seats to give you a welcoming picture of a true best sports car. A car has six-speed automatic transmissions. A car is airplane shaped machine making one of the best sporting cars in the world

Fastest Bike in the World top speed holding records


The speed of a bike reflects efficient and stylish characteristics that make one be thrilled with the kind of bike that epitomize the enormous power of the modern bike.Most of fastest looks by shape high speedy and most of the looks slow by their shapes but this not happened. Bikes speed depends on high velocity and acceleration By reading the following bikes details we can suggest that which bike is the fastest bike in the world.

Dodge Tomahawk

fastest bike in the world

          Tomahawk has a top speed of 420mph which makes it the fastest bike in the world. This bike Automotive fans equipped with 4 wheels two front wheels and two rear wheels and along viper motor with a good speed. Tomahawk is a superbike that was unveiled by Dodge in 2003. The bike is characterized by 8.3 liters V-10 SRT10 viper engine. The bike has the ability to produce a maximum power of 500 horse pipe. With a lot of surprise the bike can cross 0- 60 miles in a span of 1.5 seconds.

Key characteristics of Tomahawk bike

The bike has 8.3 liters, V-10 SRT 10 powered crotch rocket Dodge Viper engine 2- Speed manual transmission. The engine capacity is to achieve, fast smooth, lightweight, shifting with a racing transmission. The 2-speed transmissions add performance shifter to the speed machine Maximum power:  for pumping out 500 horsepower at 5600 rpm. Maximum Torque: 712 [email protected] rpm. The fastest bike in the world Tomakawk Top speed: 420 miles per hour.From 0 to 60 miles: 2.5 seconds. Rear brakes: Dual 508 mm 16 piston discs. Front brakes: single 508 mm 8 piston discs.

Kawasaki Ninja H2

fastest bike in the world

This is a hyper sports bike with 300 horsepower.Kawasaki Ninja also comes on the list of the fastest bike in the world.The supercharged Ninja H2R can clock 249miles per second.This is a powerful machine with characteristics of 998 ccs supercharged DOHC inline -4 engine. Trellis frame mounted on in the bike makes the bike strong and make the bike have better control. With Moto GP and F1 racers, Ninja H2R has a dog-ring transmission that gives fast and smooth shifting. The super machine can cross 0 to 100-kilometers per hour in just 2.7 seconds

Key characteristics of Kawasaki Ninja H2R

998 cc Supercharged DOHC inline-4 four-cylinder engine configurations with 300 Horse pipe power. The bike has 6-speed dog-ring transmission and wet multi-disc clutch. Ninja H2R has 1441 cc four valve liquid cooled engine. The bike is highly efficient supercharger to acquire incredible acceleration. World-class KYB world class coil springs racing suspension to control the bike. The Maximum Power: [email protected] which acquires incredible acceleration.The Maximum Torque: 156 [email protected] which acquires incredible.Top speed: Over 249 miles per hour. Front Brakes: 2*330 mm, dual-semi floating, radial mount discs with four-piston calipers. Rear Brakes: 250 mm single disc with opposed 2 piston calipers

MMT Turbine Superbike Y2K

fastest bike in the world

This is a wheel driven bike with turboshaft engine. The bike is designed to contain extra heat energy from the exhaust and convert it into output power.Top speed of Y2K superbike has been recorded as 227miles per hour.MMT Turbin comes in the fastest bike in the world.

The key characteristics of MMT Turbine Superbike Y2K

The characteristics of MMT superbike is majorly Rolls-Royce 250-C18 turboshaft engine.2-speed the semi-automatic transmission that produces Maximum power: 320 [email protected] rpm. Maximum Torque, 576.5 Nm @2000rpm.  With a Top speed of 227 miles per hour, makes the bike to be one of the fastest bikes in the world. Front Brakes: 2*320 mm discs with four pistons that control the bike Brembo calipers Rear Brakes Single 320 mm disc with 4 piston caliper.Turbine Superbike comes in the fastest bike in the world.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R the fastest bike in the world

fastest bike in the world

The bike has a top speed of 208.1 miles per hour. The super machine can cross 0 to 100-kilometers per hour in 2.7second. This bike is characterized by 1441 cc along four valve liquid cooled engine. The wet multi-disc clutch and speed transmission, maximum power is [email protected],000rpm