Fifa world cup 2018 russia latest updates

Overview of FIFA world cup

Fifa world cup 2018 russia latest updates

Soccer fans and players of all race, color across the world are informed that the most awaited circle of the world cup is here with us. Fifa world cup 2018 Russia World cup tournaments happen every four years this time around watches all football happenings right from Russia after Brazil hosting the tournament in 2014. Those fans and teams that qualified for 2018 world cup are meeting in one united front from Russia. Fans with financials muscles will be traveling all the way to Russia. All are welcome to be entertained as we know who will raise the world cup trophy in 2018 and wrestle the cup from Germany. It should be known that world cup has been played every four years since the tournament was established except 1942 and 1946 basically because of World War Two.

Fifa world cup 2018 Russia here we come

Fifa world cup 2018 russia latest updates

The date of the tournament is set on 14th June 2018 and end date will be 15th   July 2018.  32 teams with 64 games to be played across the world will be competing against each other with the winner carrying the world cup trophy or the champion retaining the cup. Football fans with financial muscle can from 5th January 2018 apply for tickets without bias.

How organized is Fifa world cup 2018 in Russia

Russia as a country is more than prepared not just for world cup tournament but also it has designed the tournament to be an avenue for tourism attraction to all international members who want to visit Russia. The range of hotel hospitality set in Russia will be a beckoning and most attractive service that Russia nationals are prepared to offer.


Pitches at Russia 2018 stadiums

Fifa world cup 2018 russia latest updates

Foreigners will be given a high table introduction about the culture of Russia and history in terms of football matches that will be held in 12 stadiums located in Moscow, St Petersburg Sochi Kazan Saransk Kaliningrad Samara Yekaterinburg Volgograd and Rostov-on-don. These pitches will have utility networks and technological equipment installed.

Colorful installation for Fifa world cup 2018 Russia in Moscow

To respect the tournament a new magnificent attractive installation just to dedicate 2018 Fifa world cup Russia has been opened at the gates of Moscow exhibition center. This is reserved on the final day when the final whistle will determine the winner of 2018 world cup trophy. The curtain will fall on Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. It will be a thrilling moment that I cannot wait to see.