Hollywood Film Actor Matt Damon Movies career Biography

Hollywood Film Actor Matt Damon Movies career Biography

Film Actor Matt Damon Movies career Biography


Matt Damon Movies is amazing than other Hollywood actors. October 8, 1970, was the year  (his full names Mathew Paige Damon) was born in Boston town of Massachusetts United States of America. Matt Damon height is 5’10” (approximately1.78 miter tall) His father Kent Damon (English and Scottish origin) and mother Nancy Carlsson Paige (Finnish and Swedish origin). Matt Damon was from a well to do family where his father worked in finance and real estate and his mother was a professor in early childhood education. He has one elder brother called Kyle. The family lived in Newton until Matt Damon parents divorced in 1973 while he was still a child. Matt Damon and his brother moved with his mother to Cambridge where he grew up in a stable community.I his childhood he became popular with his name Matt Damon Movies star.

Earlier Childhood Career

At 10 years of age, Matt Damon met a friend from two blocks down the road called Ben Affleck. They both played Baseball and fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons and attending movie double features together. Matt Damon and Ben attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, a public high school. In starting Matt Damon movies career was not too good. He developed an interest in acting together with his alumni notable poet E.E Cummings, composer Leroy Anderson and basketball player Patrick Ewing during high school years. At the high school, he performed in theatre productions. Matt attended Harvard University as an English major student. While at Harvard he kept on skipping classes to pursue an acting project. Pre-school drama ‘school ties’ in 1992 and He acted in ‘Rising Sun’ in 1993.

Movies Career Matt Damon

Hollywood Film Actor Matt Damon Movies career Biography

In the film ‘Geronimo an American Legend ‘where he was expected to a big success he dropped out of university and joined the Hollywood.Matt managed to get his first entry to screen in a part of a romantic comedy ‘Mystic Pizza’s 1988’s at the age of 18.His fitness is good.

Unfortunately, the film did not do so well.In 1992 he got yet another audition and managed to play a role in ‘School Ties’. In 1996 he played a role of a soldier in the film ‘Courage Under Fire’. He lost 40 pounds during his role he developed health problems.In this century there was more competition but Matt Damon movies proof well.

Career in 1997

Major Works and achievements.In 1997 screenplay ‘Good Will Hunting’ and he was nominated for 9 Academy Awards. One of which he won for the best original screenplay along with Ben Affleck. In 1998 after playing a role in ‘Steven Spielberg’ film he had a golden opportunity to work with Tom Hanks and Vin Diesel while filming that movie.Matt reunited In 1999  with his childhood friend Ben Affleck and fellow comedian Chris Rock in the comedy ‘Dogma’
In 1999 ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ which earned mixed review from critics, however, Matt earned praise for his vocal performance. One of Matt’s most recognized works to date is his role. As Jason Bourne in the movie ‘Franchise’. Which he acted in 2002. He got another praise in the same year in the role of ‘Linus Caldwell in the ocean’ in the movie franchise. The best Talented actor Matt Damon Movies got on top.

The Brothers Grim

Among other highly acclaimed movies. Matt managed to be part of include ‘The Brothers Grim’ in 2005. ‘The Good Shepherd’ 2006, ‘Ocean Thirteen’ 2007 among others. In 2008 Matt Damon movies got numerous media attention because of his humorous music video he appeared in with comedian Sarah Silverman. In which Sarah created a raunchy song about having the sexual relationship with Matt.

Hollywood Film Actor Matt Damon Movies career Biography

Damon appeared in the song video which was screened in Kummel’s show. Later became a popular clip on the internet. In 2009 on the career path, Matt received his third Academy Award nomination for the role of rugby great Francois Pienaar in South Africa film ‘Invictus’.in 2010. As Comparing with other Actors Matt Damon Movies became famous.

Martian Film

The ‘Martian’ film has earned Matt almost $600 million worldwide. With both film and lead actor receiving golden globes. In early 2016 a few days after his win Matt. Matt Damon married his longtime girlfriend Argentine from Luciana Bozan Barroso in 2005 in New York hall. The couple has three daughters, Isabella born 2006, Gia Zavala is born 2008 and Stella Zavala is born 2010 in Miami where they live. Matt has a stepdaughter Alexa from Barros former marriage. Matt Damon Movies top listed movies are martian films.