Natalie Portman Education Background

Natalie Portman Education Background

Natalie Portman Historical Life

Natalie Portman here we are going to talk about childhood. She was born in 1981 in the country Israel. Actress up at the long island, New York, and began her journey on modellioi at the age of 11. Her film was so professional in 1994. While pursuing her career, Natalie Portman acquired a degree in psychology from Harvard University. She also won the 2010 best actress.

Oscar of a troubled ballerina in black swan. Her second golden globe award the sag award the BAFTA award and the BFCA award in 2011. Portman became the first youngest member of 61st annual Cannas Film “Festival Jury”. Also in the same year, she was directed and got a huge popularity from the film

“I love you” In May 2008 she these huge achievements of her life. Her first feature film as a director title tales of love and darkness was released in 2005.

Education of Natalie Portman

In the article gathered Natalie Portman was living in Washington d.c the area she attended Charles e.smith Jewish school in Rockville Maryland. She also adopted the speaking of Hebrew while living in long island she attends a Jewish elementary school named Solomon Schechter day school of the assay county in Jericho new york and graduated from Syosset high school in Syosset long island 1999 and studied ballet and modern dance at the American theatre dance workshop in new Paris new york.

Natalie Portman


In 2003 Natalie Portman, Harvard University with the bachelor of arts (B.A) degree in psychology while attending Harvard she was a resident member of the Lowell house and was responsible for the letter which was written to the Harvard. Crimson in response to an essay critical actions of the Israelites towards the Palestinians.

Portman returned to Israel and partake in graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2004. Also in March 2006, it was recorded that she was a guest lecturer at Columbia University course in terrorism where she spoke about her film v for vendetta.

Social and Political Life:

When Portman was eight years old she becomes a vegetarian she is the advocate for animal right when she witnessed
laser surgical operation on a chicken while attending a medical conference with her father. She became a vegan in the year 2009 after the reading of a book title “eating animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer’s then she later produces a documentary on factory farming system in the U.S by the same title.

Natalie Portman Education Background

Natalie Portman traveled to Rwanda in 2007, for the documentary of “Gorillas on the Brink”. Later at a naming ceremony portman named a baby gorilla gunking. Which means “to play”. Portman is a supporter of the democratic party and in the 2004 presidential race.

She campaigned for the Democratic nominee Senator John Kerry. Also, in the 2008 presidential election portman supported Senator Hillary Clinton of new york in the Democratic primaries. Later campaigned for Senator Barack Obama of Illinois during the general election, with above information she nice.