Top wwe ppv main events results schedule list History

Top wwe ppv main events results schedule list History

WWE PPV Main Events Detail

When wwe ppv events started and how many great events are made by yearly.

World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view started from in 1980.

In 1980 four Classic and big events were established the events are below:

  • Royal Rumble
  • Wrestle Mania
  • SummerSlam
  • Survivor Series

WWE PPV Events in Countries

These matches were announced and the fans of wwe were waiting in many countries for events.In most of the countries, these wwe ppv events started broadcast through TV channels. The duration of these matches was about 3 hours or large.But the WrestleMania was about 5 hours. These events were in demand in many countries but on the top is the United States. Then in Canada, these shows are broadcast in HD film theaters.In Australia, these events are shown in Main events and movie clubs.

In UK and Ireland, these events are broadcasted on channel Sky Sports1, Sky sports2, and Sky sports3. In India and Pakistan, these big events are broadcast on Tensports Channel. There are no additional charges of viewing these events expect UK and USA. In USA and UK, these events are not broadcast locally but later on it become locally.

WWE PPV Famous Events

Later on, wwe shows were divided into wwe smackdown and wwe raw.Raw Roster vs Smackdown big matches was also started. After dividing the wwe into parts more matches are also introduced.

The Raw and smackdown new matches are given following:

1.Hell in a Cell

2.Money in the Bank

In 2012, these shows enabled on his partner sites wwe youtube and Facebook.So the all these events are launched and broadcast on youtube and wwe. Getting partnership with wwe and youtube wwe became more popular. All over the world fans accessed main wwe ppv events easily.

Most Places of WWE PPV Events

The most places where these events were held in recent years the names are below:

New Jersy

Scottrade Center in St.Louis


Staples Center in Los Angeles

TD Garden in Boston

Barclays Center in Brooklyn

New York


Wells Fargo Center

Stamford, Connecticut, United States



Izod Center in East Rutherford

The Allstate Arena in Rosemont

The Illinois


Now we take look at Biggest Events Matches yearly wise

WrestleMania First Match

In 1985 two wwe PPV events were held the first WrestleMania in New York New York. In WrestleMania, the match was between the Hulk Hogan and Mr.t vs Rody Piper and Paul Order. The second biggest event was Classy Wrestling in Rosemont Illinois Junkyard Dog vs Randy Savage.

In 1986 only one event WrestleMania-2 in New York matches were between Mr.T vs Roddy Piper. The Dream Team vs The British Bulldogs. Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy. In 1987, WrestleMania-3 in Pontiac Michigan match was between Hulk Hogan vs Andre the giant. Survivor series was also started in this year was held in Richfield Township, Ohio matched was 6-man tag team match between Hulk Hogan, Paul, Don Muraco, Bam vs Andre, One Man Gang, King Kong, Butch Reed.

SummerSlam Launched

Top wwe ppv main events results schedule list History

In 1988,wwe PPV one more biggest was event was added Summerslam Aug 29, 1988, in New York city Match The Mega powers vs The Mega Bucks tag team match. Wrestle Mania-4 Aug 29, 1988, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey match between Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase.Survivor Series Nov 24, 1988, held in Richfield Township.


Top wwe ppv main events results schedule list History

WrestleMania-5 April 2, 1989, in Atlantic City, New Jersy match Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan. In this year 30-man Royal Rumble match was placed this match is unique one than other matches players came in the ring after a time interval one by one. Survivor Series Nov 23, 1989, also take place in this year in Rosemont Illinois match was 6 man tag team.

WrestleMania-6 April 21, 1990, in Canada take place with a huge match between Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior. Summerslam Aug 27, 1990, in Pennsylvania match between Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude.In this year 30 man Royal Rumble on Jan 21, 1990, in Florida also took place

Survivor Series (Nov 22, 1990) was also held in Hartford

Top wwe ppv main events results schedule list History

In 1991, WrestleMania-7 (Mar 24, 1991) came with bloody and revenge match between the Hulk Hogan vs Sgt.Slaughter. In previous matches, Hulk Hogan beat the Slaughter and won match disqualification. So now Slaughter want to take revenge from Hulk he requested to the Manager for a match.Interesting match. Sumerslam (August 26, 1991) in New York in the wrestle Mania hulk again get a win by the interruption of Ultimate Warrior.Col. Mustafa also came to ring to hit the Ultimate warrior so due to this clash they got Tag team match in SummerSlam. Survivor Series (Nov 27, 1991) the matches in this wwe PPV events was too good like the previous events due to 6 team match.