wwe hulk hogan news net worth Auto family biography


Tony Gene Bollea popular by his ring name Hulk Hogan was one of the most beloved athlete in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Born on 11 August 1953.wwe hulk hogan news He is an American retired wrestler, actor, television personality, a businessman and a musician. Hogan won the title of world champion 12 times and six times won the title of World Heavyweight Champion/ WWF Champion. He was the first wrestler to win Royal Rumble continuously, in 1990 and 1991. Hogan was also introduced into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2005. Hogan was honored as the 2008 King of the Krewe of Bacchus.


wwe hulk hogan news net worth Auto family biography

In 2012, Hulk Hogan news of scandal spread like a fire across the world which badly affected the career. Hulk Hogan and the radio host Bubba the Love Sponge’s ex-wife of Heather Clem Cole were seen in a sex tape. This sex tape was released by Gawker Media. Hogan takes legal action against the Gawker and claimed $100 million for malicious gossip, loss of privacy and emotional pain due to the release of the tape. After that on March 8, 2016, Hulk Hogan news of being awarded $115 million after 62 years old Gawker Media for spoiling his privacy became a breaking news. After that Hulk Hogan news of the scandal in 2015, WWE brings to an end its partnership with Hulk Hogan. WWE cuts off all connections with him. Even they also removed him from their official websites, including WWE network footage.

Hulk Hogan Terminated

At that time Hulk Hogan was also the host of Tough Enough he was removed from that and replaced by the Miz. Hulk Hogan news of being terminated breaks the heart of his million fans. The Hulk Hogan apologized for the remarks. Hulk Hogan lost his WWE contract and disappeared from their website. He said in his interview he is having a hard time dealing with the fact that the WWE erased all memory of him from its history. WWE also removed all references from its websites, including his entry from its WWE Hall of Fame Page. It also removed all his products from the WWE shop and banned his inclusion in its video games.WWE hulk hogan news of coming back to wrestling seems to rough.


The 63 years old Hulk Hogan has been largely absent from the wrestling world. From last two years, Hogan has suffered a lot just because of its Hulk news of the scandal. But now we heard about a Hulk Hogan latest news, Return of Hulk Hogan to WWE. While there is no date set when Hulk Hogan will return to WWE. But it may be 25th January at the Raw 25th birthday edition of Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn and New York.

wwe hulk hogan news net worth Auto family biography

They have already invited legends like The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Kevin Nash. There is also another wwe HULK HOGAN NEWS related to his appearance at Wrestle Mania as well. Wrestle Mania 30 was hosted by Hulk Hogan in 2014 at New Orleans. So there are many possibilities that Hulk Hogan will be appearing at Wrestle Mania 30.

WWE wrestling waiting

Hulk Hogan

A lot of wrestling fans are waiting for that moment when Hulk Hogan will return to WWE family. The main reason is the sponsors of WWE. Whether their sponsors will be satisfied with the return of Hulk Hogan keeping in their mind about his past.

wwe hulk hogan news net worth Auto family biography

And if sponsors do not support the show that has Hulk Hogan on it, then that’s going to transform WWE business.Everyone one would love to see Hulk Hogan back to WrestleMania. Although he will not take apart because of his severe surgeries. But seeing him as a part of WrestleMania would be grateful wwe hulk hogan news for his fans.