WWE Raw 27th November 2017 Monday Night Full Show Video

Welcome to Monday Night Raw everyone.Wwe intercontinental champion Roman Reign theme song start and he came to ring.He started calling out his previous victories like he got shield back and On previous Monday night raw he defeated Miz and became Intercontinental champion.He was very happy.The Miztourage members Bodalas and Curtis Axel interrupted roman.
And start amusing roman on behalf of Miz championship match which wwe formal intercontinental champion mic loss.After they introduce Alias he will win they asked.On that Roman ask you got it.After this match started between

WWE Monday Night Raw 27 November 2017 Matches

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

First of Seth theme song knocked and he came to ring and then Cesaro Came to the ring.The bell ring and the match started.Cesaro wants to kick Seth but wwe Superstar Seth plunged his arm but Cesaro kicked him in corner of ring.Then he kicked again and give him a neck breaker countdown started referee but Seth did not give up.
After huge come back Seth Rollins kicked Cesaro with his knee on Cesaro’s face and he lay down
The referee started a countdown and Seth wins the match pinfool.
After winning Seth was happy he announced about his shield that we are the champion of all time believe that and Dean isn’t due to he is on honeymoon.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Titus O Neil vs Samoa Joe

wwe monday night raw

Titus and Apollo crews were in the ring.Samoa Joe theme song knocked he came in a ring with dangerous eyes on Titus.Both players were in the ring and a bell rang match started.
Titus does not want to waste quickly want to kick Samoa Joe but failed smog hit a side and then Titus hit him a corner.Titus started biting Samoa Joe with punches quickly soma Joe coquina Clutch clunch but Titus hit him in a corner.At last Titus failed and Samoa Joe grabbed him in coquina clutch.
Then Titus gives up.

Appollo crews cam in the ring to save Titus but crews also got coquina clutch.

Winner of this match:  Samoa Joe

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt cam in the ring with his lamp in no lights then he started making jokes on raw roasters you are all dead.I am only best.Matt Hardy came in ring bell ring and the match started.
Bray Wyatt crushes the Hardy.Matt Hardy failed to hit any punch he pushed bray with side effects and also give a neck breaker.Once he wants to kick with his elbow but Braywayt move around and Hardy got another shock.
After all bray what hit him in a corner and pushed sister ever again.
Man Hardy loss match pinfool.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


Championship Match

WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns vs Alias

Alias arrive in the ring and started the song with his bad voice which people do not like.but the Miztoruge was also singing with him. He expecting the people to join his song but the audience does not like him.Then wwe intercontinental champion Roman Reigns song Ring and he arrived in the ring.
Then to the announcer announced the championship match both members. The bell ring and match started.
Roman Reign shoulder attack on an alias and he lay down.Roman got punches and shoulder first, the close line from an alias.BUt did not give up.

Alias clutched roman neck then roman hit in the corner and give alias a close line.Bodalas was interrupting he got punches from roman. After all, alias got superman punch and a huge spear by roman.Roman defend his championship. Roman was just looking back at the ring Alias just behind Samoa Joe attacked with his dangerous coquina clutch.

Winner: Roman Reign


WWE Superstar Kane vs Finn Balor/Jason

Jason Jorden called out the Red Machine wwe Superstar Kane that he good due to HHH attack on him. Kane arrives in a ring and beat the Jorden. The match was not yet completed. The Demon Finn Balor theme song Ring he arrived ring and match started between Kane and Finn Balor.After the commercial welcome back to wwe Monday night raw 27 November 2017.

In starting Finn hit punches on Kane and Kane knock him outside the rib as Kane was coming outside Finn Balor quickly hit him superkicks. Finn Balor failed to hit more Kane pick a steel chair and hit Finn Balor.
Suddenly a big monster Braun Strownman arrive in the ring to take revenge from Kane.
He hit Kane with steel chairs right on his neck.On WWE Survivor Series 2017 Braun beat the Kane.

Quick Matches Results

WWE Monday Night Raw 27 November 2017

Seth Rollin vs Cesaro

Winner: Seth

Samoe Joe vs Titus

Winner: Samoa

Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Kane vs Finn Balor

Winner: Finn Balor

Akira Tozawa vs Noam vs Arya vs  Rich Swann

   Winner: Rich Swann

Kane vs Jorden

 Winner: Kane

Braun Strow man Destroyed Kane