WWE Rock Dwayne Johnson net worth Biography

WWE Rock Dwayne Johnson Biography

Rock Dwayne Johnson Biography

In this article is about the famous celebrity Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock. The complete name is  Dwayne Douglas Johnson and the rock is his ring name. How he became popular in wrestling, football and in acting. The rock is multi-talented American Hollywood super-star Heavyweight wrestler. Because he got popularity in every field in which he gets started like in football wrestling and now in acting.

He became more famous than other players due to his talent so he became popular in wrestling, football and now in movies as an actor a great personality a famous actor and professional wrestler and football player. This article will cover complete biography when and where born current house, family background include father mother children wife, even lifestyle, wrestling career when started and how many times get titles and made historical record, a quick overview of his acting and movies, Net worth

Rocky Johnson grandfather

When and where the rock was the born family?

The Rock on Born 2 may 1972 Heyward, California, United States. His Father name is Rocky Johnson(Black Nova Scotian) Canadian and mother name is Ata Maivia which was famous professional female promotor. He got married to Danny Garcia but was divorced in 1996. Then he got married to Lauren Hashian He has Two daughters Simone Alexandra Johnson, Jasmine Johnson.


WWE Rock Dwayne Johnson net worth Biography

The rock spent his few years in Newzelanfd Ackland city then again his family shifted to the United States. He completed his school education in President William McKinley High School.

He was going to take admission in 11th grade but his father was transferred to US state Pennsylvania. There he got admission in Freedom School and he started playing games in football and racing. By his outstanding performances in Football, he got offer s from other colleges but he started playing at defensive tackle with Miami University full scholarship. In 1991, he joined and started playing Miami Hurricanes football national champion team. In 1995, Dwayne Johnson the rock completed his general studies in psychology and chronological.In his football, he got Severe injury caused his retirement. Ended his Football career.

Wrestling Career

Now he took interest in wrestling but his father did not agree and ask him it’s not easy for you.But later on, he gets started in wrestling and he got training of 1-year.After the 1-year training, he debuted in WWF with the ring name “Rocky Maivia”. Dwayne Johnson did not agree on his ring name but later on, WWF CEO Vince Mcmahon asked him than he got agree.

He started his first Debate on 4 Nov 1996, Raw Monday night Survivor series.

On 13 Feb 1997 Raw Monday night, he beat Tripple HHH and became first time the international champion. After this in your house 13: Final Four and in WrestleMania 13 he defeated the Tripple HHH and Sultan. Dwayne Johnson is now signed with wwe as a part-time wrestler signed. The WWE old name was WWE. The Rock is also known as the company first third-generation wrestlers. He got more popularity from 1996-2004. He is also high rating wrestler


In wwe Dwayne Johnson times Champion

WWE Rock Dwayne Johnson net worth Biography

The list is given below:

World Championship                                          10 times

WWF champion                                                      2 times

WCW                                                                       2 times

Intercontinental Championship                              2 times

Tag Team                                                                 5 times

Dwayne Johnson is also Number 6 Crown champion and also 2000 Royal Ramble Champ.

His popular Ring Names: Dwayne Johnson, Flex Kavana, Rocky Maivia, The Rock.But he got more popularity from The Rock ring name.Who trained the Rock their names  Rocky Johnson, Pat Peterson, Tom Prichard.Rocky is well known professional wrestler for all the time.He became active and fight regularly in wwe from 1997-2004.In 2004 he took part in Film industry and became the part-time wrestler in wwe.

But from outside of wwe, he promoted it. He wrote His biography”the Rock Says” with John is laden which was sold quickly hardcovered cover copies sold in few weeks with. In 2013 he started work in move True Story and also he got work in fast and furious 6. In 2016 he became the First high paid actor. The rock became more famous through the Fast Furious 5.Because Fast and Furious was hit. This movie got globally more collection and bec0me the Blockbuster  movie

Other wrestlers Reviews on The Rock

According to John Cena(16 times champion),” he is the biggest wrestler”.

Hulk Hogan says about the rock Admirable wrestler.

According to Vince Russo, “No one wrestler got popularity like Rock”


Why Rock became more Popular?

First Reseaon of his popularity is his family “Anoa’i family “which is famous for heavyweight wrestlers few of Anioa’i family Professional wrestlers are listed below:

1.Rocky Johnson His father



4.The Rock

5.Roman Reighn

Net worth of Dwayne Johnson The Rock

WWE Rock Dwayne Johnson net worth Biography

Income form (2015-2016)

$64.5 Million    Rs.436 Crores

All the income is from Film Industry and from wwe.

Net worth $180Million    Rs 1,216 Crores (Estimated)

Houses: Mansion at Southwest Ranches, Florida Price $5.5 Million Rs 37 Crore He purchased this house in 2014. He purchased this house at $4 million and 1 million spent on work.The secluded 13,700 sq.ft property has 5 bedrooms, pool, theater, and a gym value $ 300k. A farm just outside Charlottesville, Virginia purchased this in 2017. And also have more property in Florida.

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